A 'ValueCap' power supply for the ALWSR Super regulator
This was the second of two power supplies for the Andrew Weekes 'super reg' design. This one was built for a friend to use with his Nac72/Nap250 combo. An important aspect for these two PSUs was to keep costs down (hence the 'ValueCap' tag). To this end existing casework was utilised/recycled, and cheap/reused capacitors and transformers were pressed into service.

Here, you can see the freshly re-sprayed casework - I originally built this case around 1982 to house a nicad powersupply for the ETI System A pre-amp I had just built. It housed 20 1.8Ah Saft nicads liberated from my brother who used to use them to power fast-electric R/C boats. A few years later, after building my first Naim-style pre-amp, the nicads gave way to a simple LM317 supply with an old ILP transformer donated from my first power-amp. This lasted less than a year before being ousted by a much bigger, multiple output supply. After this the case saw brief service powering halogen lights (minus the 317 regulator!) before languishing in the shed for about 20 years.

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