'FinestCap' a more worthy power supply for the ALWSR Super regulator

Some exterior shots. Black, no lights, I guess you might call it minimalist ...

As for the all-important sound, firstly I'd broken the cardinal rule of bodgery by changing two things at the same time. Leaving that aside the unit needed a day or so before starting to show its true colours. Straight out of the box, as it were, it sounded not particularly special.

Thereafter, it proceeded to sound pretty amazing next to the ValueCap. It was so amazing that it's at times like these that all kinds of pretentious HiFi-journo-speak seem to (worryingly) come rather too easily. Here's a snippet of what I wrote at the time to my friend for who the FCap was destined:

"Got home a bit late today but managed to squeeze in a quick comparison between ValueCap and FinestCap. Switching to VCap it actually sounds fine and has all the SuperReg goodness we've grown accustomed to. Detail levels are good, maybe a bit less than FCap, but nothing disasterous. The timing seems good, too.

However, something is quite clearly not right. It just can't convey the ebb and flow of a song anywhere near as well. It's as if the 'meaningness' knob has been turned down from, say, 7 to 3, and it's just not good enough! The song just 'happens' rather being an 'event'.

FCap certainly ain't perfect by a long way, but blimey, on the right record it's good!"

I'm not normally known for waxing lyrical (very important when you DiyFi) but I guess that's the effect good HiFi can have on you. I can tell you I was pretty sad to see the FinestCap go to its new home!

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