'FinestCap' a more worthy power supply for the ALWSR Super regulator
FinestCap (aka FCap) was born out of the realisation that the transformer (and possibly the smoothing capacitors) still mattered even when using Andrew Weekes brilliant Super-Regs. To this end, the budget approach was abandoned and we decided to rebuild ValueCap2 using a couple of Les Wolstenholme's laminated transformers and for good measure a couple of Elna Cerafines.

One immediate and pleasant surprise is that LesW's transformers are actually really good value for money! This meant the most expensive single components were the Cerafines.

Not entirely deserting the VFM approach, another skip-dive turned up this old piece of lab kit - it says 'LC amplifier' on the front, still not quite sure what one of these is - I've probably destroyed a really valuable or rare piece of kit...
It's an odd design of case with an upper and lower shell joined around the mid-band by hefty pieces of aluminium. No matter, it's rigid and just about the right size for all the bits. Beige is not exactly lounge friendly, however...
...A few coats of black satin and it's looking better already:
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