Building a Hypex UcD700-based power amp
Assembly was reasonably straighforward, though despite appearances, space within the chassis was tight at times due to the space consumed by the heatsinks and the side rails which fastened them in place. All those heatsinks mean the chassis would be ideal for a big class A amp as the side rails are pre-drilled for up-to 52 T03 devices!

The transformer conveniently bolts to the crossmember:

And the front-end PSU fits neatly within the side rails:

Here's a view with most of the major components in place. The reason there are two heatsink brackets is to have the flexibility to add another UcD700 module at a later stage, making each unit into a stereo rather than mono amp. This is also another reason why the basic power supply is so big (the other reason being that we had 16 capacitors, we may as well use them...).

My friend recommended glazing sealant to bond the capacitors to the aluminium plate (e.g. Screwfix 75116-89). I was a bit sceptical at first, but it really does seem like strong stuff. The tie-wraps provide some additional support. Note that these shots were taken before I ran into the problems with the original soft start module, as at this stage only the transformer had ever been powered up.

Capactors now wired-up. Wire for the heavy duty connections is bog-standard 50/0.25, 30A, from Maplin. The main earth point is cut from a piece of copper bus-bar from a consumer unit.

Another view, with the amp module temporarily in place:
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