Building a power supply for an Exposure VII pre-amp
The front panel is a piece of stock aluminium bar 3/8" x 3" and 17" long. This particular piece was really quite scabby and it needed a lot of sanding to make it look reasonably presentable...

Six M4 blind holes provide the means of securing it to the chassis. You can also see one remaining scratch along the length of the panel that would have taken far too long to sand out.

It was decided to have an on/off switch mounted on the front panel. Unfortunately, easily available, decent looking mains switches are few and far between. A trawl through the RS/Farnell catalogues came-up with a stainless-steel 'anti-vandal' switch by Apem.

Although it requires a big hole (22mm) to be drilled into the panel...

I do think it looks a lot better than an off-the-shelf 16A rocker switch!

The switch itself is non-latching and also doesn't have much current handling capability so we do need an additional switching circuit to actually turn the whole thing on and off - more about this later.

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