Building a power supply for an Exposure VII pre-amp
While it's true that shiny looking HiFi doesn't sound any better, it does look nicer, so here's a page about brackets!

You'll have seen from the first page that this is the main bracket holding the transformers in place. It's a piece of 3" x 3" x 1/8" aluminium angle cut down to fit. Some elbow grease with the wet and dry and some metal wadding leave it looking.... rather grubby.

After a clean-up and wash, it looks like this. The slot in the middle is to accommodate the aluminium leaf spring.

The capacitor brackets were courtesy of B&Q - flat strip bent around some old smoothing caps acting as a former.

The small piece of angle supports the other side of the transformers and also anchors the leaf spring.

Incidentally, with the exception of the various thin aluminium strips, which came from B&Q, the rest of the aluminium comes from a great 'shop' in Bath called Avery Knight & Bowlers. This is, ostensibly, just a regular steel stockholders, but the difference is that they have a shop attached to it and they can deal with the general public/DIYers asking for anything from a washer to people like me asking for umpteen pieces of 3" x 3" x 1/8" ally angle, bar, sheet, etc. All cut to size!

I know, in theory, that you can wander into any steel stockholders and ask for an offcut, but in my experience most are not set-up to deal with hobbyists. They can just about cope with a request for one piece of material, but any more than that and it usually gets a bit awkward. The main disadvantage of using AK&B is that they are 200 miles away so I have to time things to coincide with trips to visit my parents! But if you live anywhere near Bath, they're well worth checking out - they're opposite Sainburys!
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