Building a power supply for an Exposure VII pre-amp
This rather long page shows the completed unit:

Leaf spring in place:

The business end, literally hanging around... The wiring incorporates extra loops or bends so as not to overtly impede free movement of the regulator 'plate'. Luckily, they seem to provide just about the right amount of damping such that oscillation time is roughly five seconds, as can be seen in this movie clip [Wmv file, 3.5Mb]

In the foreground are two DIY corner blocks (used in cabinets, shelving, etc) these act as 'transit' locks. To lock the suspended plate down, they are swivelled underneath and screwed-down to the blocks.

Another view of the mains bits:

Leaf spring anchor point:

Front-most rectifier wiring:

Another view of the transformer wiring:

Various shot of the overall unit:

The original power supply I built in 1986 along side its replacement:

A few shots wearing its Naim sleeve:

Beneath the pre-amp it will be powering:
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