Building a power supply for an Exposure VII pre-amp
This page shows start of assembly of the unit, starting with the painted, assembled chassis. So far just the power-on board in place. All fasteners used on the unit are stainless steel:

Underside showing the cut-out that the transformers will nestle in:

The IEC inlet was different to previous versions I'd used - the plug pins now simply crimped to the terminals on the rear. Although this is probably fine, the integrity of the connection didn't look all that brilliant (imo). So I soldered over them and for the connection between the live pin and the fuse, reinforced it with some doubled-up silver plated copper wire:

Here's the small piece of angle that supports the other side of the transformers and also anchors the leaf spring:

Mains wiring - all fully shrouded:

Transformers from underneath showing hidden wiring:

Both sets of primaries and the rear-most secondaries emerge here:

Rectifier wiring in place. The wire between the rectifiers and capacitors is pretty small (19/0.15). This is because where they feed onto the regulators, I'll need reasonable flexibility to allow the latter to float freely. To partly compensate, I've used silver plated wire with an 8A rating - not so different to the more typical 32/0.2 copper wire:
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