Building an 'XPS' power supply for a Naim CDS3
Here are a number of pictures of the finished power supply

It's always a bit nerve-wracking switching on for the very first time especially, as in this case, your home-made psu is connected to a rather expensive piece of kit! But after lots and lots of checking and rechecking, I switched it on and, as you can see, it all works!

Rear of the unit. The IEC inlet is a Furutech gold-plated item.

Several pictures of its insides:

Rather a bit too much heatsink compound - I was orginally going to use insulators that don't require goo, but Farnell just happened to be out of stock when I ordered the bits. At least it should be thermally well connected!:

Overhead shot:
View from the front. The two wires carrying mains from the soft-start module to the main board look rather thin but are more of the 15A rated 19/0.25 silver plated cable.

Views from the rear:

Overall the unit appears to perform very well. How well compared with a proper Naim XPS I don't know as I'm unlikely to get my hands on one to compare, so who knows if it sounds similar, better or worse than the real thing (but hopefully not worse)!
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